Hives SL-67 400W Outdoor solar energy storage system


1、Ascending dimension duive 400W
2、Brand new A class LiFePO4 battery safe, stable and more


3、Automobile-grade power battery core

4、6 times safer and more durable
5、Three charging methods : Mains / solar / vehicle-mounted
6、Automatic charging, automatic stop when fully charged.
7、High-quality and efficient solar panels


Product Details

The Hives portable solar power system is a high-quality and efficient household energy storage product. We have selected high-quality solar panels and safe, stable, and high-energy lithium batteries to meet your basic electricity needs. This system offers practical functionality and reliable quality, aiming to provide you with an excellent user experience.



Ascending dimension duive 400W:

Rich and complete interfaces, 6 output modes, wireless/wired fast charging,Up-dimension drive super mode can drive 400W electrical equipment.



Brand new A class LiFePO4 battery safe, stable and more durable:

Multiple safe use protechiton of intelligent battery core. Avoid dangers such as overdischarge and short circuit, and effectively protect battery life.



Automobile-grade power battery core:

High-quality, 384WH large-capacity uninterrupted power supply, and the power storage is still more than 80% after 800 cycles.


6 times safer and more durable:



Three charging methods:

Mains/Solar / vehicle-mounted

Power failure menrgency:

Large-capacity energy storage power supply can charge desk lamps,stereos and mobile phones and computers in case of power failure.




The Hives SL-67 400W Outdoor solar energy storage system offers multiple functionalities to meet your various needs. It can be used for household lighting using its built-in LED lights or the provided external LED lights. Additionally, it provides charging and power supply for electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, cameras,  and televisions. It is also suitable for outdoor activities, providing lighting and power supply on the go.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Hives SL-67 400W Outdoor solar energy storage system is an ideal choice. Whether you're camping, hiking, or engaging in other outdoor activities, the system provides reliable lighting and power supply. You can keep your devices charged by harnessing solar energy, ensuring convenience and comfort during your outdoor adventures.




Package & Shipping

Hives battery products are meticulously crafted with excellent workmanship and undergo strict quality control measures. They have obtained various certifications to ensure their high quality and reliability. With years of transportation experience and abundant transportation resources, we offer multiple transportation options including air, sea, and land shipping, based on the best interests of our customers. We always prioritize customer satisfaction and select the most suitable transportation method to ensure the safe and timely delivery of our products to their destination.