The Polysilicon and Wafer Prices Keep Increasing; Cost Pressure Faced by Downstream Enterprises Becomes Higher

04 Sep 2023

Polysilicon prices have increased slightly throughout the week. The mainstream concluded price for mono recharge polysilicon is RMB 77/KG, while mono dense polysilicon is priced at RMB 75/KG. N-type polysilicon is currently priced at RMB 85/KG.

Gridmatic to launch its first energy storage fund

04 Sep 2023

Gridmatic, an AI-enabled power marketer, today announces the launch of its first Energy Storage Fund, a US$50 million fund Gridmatic will use to oversee the management of up to 500 MW of battery capacity in the ERCOT and CAISO markets.

The anticipated year-on-year growth for inverter export value to Europe in 2023 is projected to be 48%.

04 Sep 2023

Europe continues to serve as the primary focal point for inverter demand, exerting a pivotal influence on the profitability landscape for inverter manufacturers. From January to July, China's inverter exports totaled 47.8 billion yuan, with a substantial portion of 29.5 billion yuan directed towards the European markets. This constitutes a significant 62% share of China's total inverter export value. Clearly, the demand dynamics within Europe wield a substantial sway over the performance of China's inverter exports. Given that the sale of inverters to the European market tends to yield heightened profitability, the fate of domestic inverter enterprises is intricately tied to the ebbs and flows of European demand.


08 Aug 2023

The Hives portable solar power system offers multiple functionalities to meet your various needs. It can be used for household lighting using its built-in LED lights or the provided external LED lights. Additionally, it provides charging and power supply for electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, cameras, 12V fans, and televisions. It is also suitable for outdoor activities, providing lighting and power supply on the go.